Jason writes in just about every genre you could think. Kyle is expanding.
"Seven" is the draft title for Kyle's first story, which is an epic space-romance-insert-catchy-thing. "Heroes" is short for "Hero's Genesis", which is Jason's first story, as well.

There are many others, though. Here we shall list those projects that we consider to be major, whether or not they are active at this time.

Kyle's Works:

The Fates:

Jason's Major Works:
Daniel and his Dead Brother Brian: (Beginning of chapter 1)

It wasn't a chilling voice. The specters of fable wouldn't approach their victims with a swagger, smile non-threateningly, or telepathically say, Having trouble, bro? I could help — unless it’s a math problem.
Despite seeing and hearing his dead brother, Daniel figured it was a consequence of dreaming. For the last few hours, he had drawn up several logic expressions and diagrams in his attempts to understand the Universe. His head hurt, and through it all, The Void still skirted by untouched. He looked at the current paper and saw a cupcake sketched on it. He didn’t remember writing that.
He shrugged it off, and whatever waking dream of his dead brother he’d had. He set his eyes hard to the white sheaf, avoiding the cupcake sketch. And then the voice spoke again. You don’t gotta ignore me. Come on, look!
Daniel knew he shouldn’t cooperate mindlessly...
He looked and this time feasted upon the site: the Sarcozy family's vibrant blonde hair, Brian’s slightly torn jeans and sharp glasses.
Brian smiled, but Daniel didn't. He felt as though he'd taxed his brain so much that he couldn't adapt at all.
“How?” he finally said. The normal thing would be to scream and shake uncontrollably, but only his arm hair stood on end.
Brian’s smile fell. You might want to keep your voice down — no one else can see or hear me. He looked to the door and relaxed his shoulders. Gotta be careful, unless you wanna be the crazy guy who believes in ghosts.

Hero's Genesis:
Small snippet from the first chapter
Most people would consider that to be something acute to strength or at least building blocks toward being a better person. Yet, life always has double-edged swords. It’s bad, he remarked to himself nearly every day, when those around him, especially adolescents, regularly traded off between early onsets of bi-polar disorder and wished to kill themselves and others, or else do extremely raunchy sexual things to one another.

Hurtful feelings were just too much. Darren looked back with malice on the few times he’d envisioned himself quitting life. Maybe he’d wanted to fail. Maybe he’d never know. But, sitting in class, he was. The bell was about to ring. Soon he could get away from the negative feelings and try to console himself once again that day-by-day he would get closer to living life on his own terms. Perhaps he’d join a happy cult and live peacefully? Then again, didn’t cult members kill themselves? No, a cult wouldn’t work. SOL.

The Write Message:
Here is a small snippet to wet your taste buds!
A haphazard line for each stall and urinal formed a loose city block with side avenues. He got into what seemed like the shortest line for one of the sinks, keeping quiet. Most of the people there were older than him, had some sort of facial hair, and were just as silent as he.

After a couple of minutes between line cycles, he reached the sink. The counter was made of marble. It had drops and splotches of water and soap all over it, as if the ocean had washed up and forgotten to seep through the sand.

He stared into the pit of porcelain without blinking. He took a few deep breaths and tried not to remember the sad things in his life. There was no out of control fire, no screaming, and no television crew.

The Defender:

Who Says?:

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