Sunday, January 2, 2011

The First Write

We The Writers, as judged by the times and thoughts of our brethren, shall hereby relate the knowledge and wisdom of our trade. Please beware: you might enjoy this.

Yet, we must take a few steps backward. Without a basis for the purpose of this blog, you may never read this again. This is a blog, for all certain purposes, but it will and is reaching much farther than that. And, because of this special place, sacraments are welcome. Except not. That would be creepy.

Kyle and myself are The Writers. We are not just any pair of scribes, though. To tell you why that is would be blasphemy to the art, and thus, against our creed. We hope you’ll be excited to follow along with us as we are on the path to fortune and fame. Our at least some amazing works of fiction.

So, thank you for reading, and if you have any sort of soul, you’ll press the “Follow” button.

Till next time,


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