Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Donald Trump of Self-Publishing

It's definitely not easy being a self-published author. I'd like to say that I didn't know how that is, but then I'd be lying. Really, I would be.

What does it mean, really? Not the lying, but being self-published. You have to do things for your book and for your own reputation. That's not to say friends & family won't help out if you ask them, or ask them to read (buy) your book, but really, how else are they going to get it? You have to tell them you have a book out.

Sounds like a challenging concept...doing things for yourself. Having no shame is another word for that. And, I have no shame. My bad. However, you have to be careful that you don't come off as a self-promoter who doesn't care about anyone. People don't like not being cared about. Thus, if you're going to promote yourself, at least have tact. That means don't bring up your amazing author self and your possibly over-priced book, unless it feels right for the conversational context. And, if you can't figure that out, you probably didn't write a very good book. Blame Oscar Wilde, not me.

Next, or in most cases first, where are you going to do it? That is, get self-published. There are tons of sites, and only a handful that are actually good for the bang. Amazon createspace,  smashwords, and lulu are a few. Or, you can go tree-killing, too! I'm sorry, not every book is a waste of a tree, including my own. However, I am all for eBooks. So, if you have the opportunity and the means (mula, usually), then go eBook. Then again, don't completely discount physical books. They tend to sell well. And still will for quite some time. I will laugh at the first midnight release of an eBook at a bookstore. If you haven't gotten the joke, then I'm sorry and you should stop reading this post now.

Lastly, don't expect to become Stephen King overnight. However, that would be weird because then there would be at least two Stephen King's walking around. Therefore, just make sure you understand that you won't be getting any NYT Bestselling in that week. Or month. Or most likely year. However, in that decade is completely doable. That means keep writing, keep promoting, and well...keep living.

PS: Keep your license on you at all times in case Donald Trump requests to see it.
PSS: Maybe carry around a copy of your book.

-Jason out.

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